IntroComp2011: Of Pots and Mushrooms

Now, do tell me what is the first thing it comes to your mind when you have an entry with “pots” and “mushrooms” in the title. Be sincere. Of course: SPAM comments! I thought the same thing!

I was going to give this entry a “WHAT?” review, a review in which I would just add a “WHAT?” after almost every single paragraph in the game. But since the title violently makes me think of SPAM comments, I’m going to replace every “WHAT?” with one of the few SPAM comments I daily get in this place. Enjoy.

> all caps spoilers after the children’s illustration

Of Pots and Mushrooms by Devi and Maya

So, here we go, the WHAT?-replaced-with-SPAM review:

You’re a Chinese samurai imprisoned in Japan. You have to get back to your family. What will you do?

I always thought commenting was stupid, but for this blog i shall give it a go. Im loving it!…

This game contains achievements.

You have unlocked the About achievement!

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Also, there is a gambling simulation that can be very addicting. Please remember, the money you earn is NOT REAL. Characters may or may not be based of people, fictitious or otherwise.

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Before you can utter a word, the guards come rushing in, killing the kid,

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“Ugh… You’re DISGUSTING!” He hits you with a police baton.”

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You hit him right in the chest and he falls down dead.

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"Hey, there's an old rusty sword in the back here. I figure you'd have more use for it than me; it's not like anyone else around here will buy it. You want it?" [after buying stuff in a store which the PC is visiting for the first time, mind]

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Well, what do you think? Do you trust this man? He is a foreigner and might just messing with you for the loooolzzzz.

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This is the end…. for now. Play again, or wait for the second installment to see if you can find the Indian prince and your family!

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Now, you have to admit SPAM comments do know how to make one feel good. I’m in love.

  1. Sam Kabo Ashwell says:

    This review was both highly evocative of the experience of playing Of Pots and Mushrooms, and a great deal more entertaining. Fine work sir.

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