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I thought I was going to have a second Hooks release to send my (alpha)betatesters by now, but vacation came, and camping came, and traveling came, and I though I would work on it during all of the above, but I didn’t, and so I’m behind my personal schedule.

But now I came back, and now I’m unemployed, which is great, since I tend to depress far more than I tend to take advantage of all that free time. I’ve been working on Hooks, though, working slowly, and I’m trying to get something to send out this week. Some of this something is visual, like a tiny window for hints, one that opens and closes. I decided that sharing it here would help me cheer this place up, this place where I’m at, too noisy to concentrate, the espresso too watery, and the AC terribly cold. Next, I’m probably going to hold my laptop high and yell at the very thin man who’s sitting in that table in front of me, staring at me for almost an hour, I’ll yell at him, Hey, do you like it or should I change colours? I wonder what will he say.

A crimson window of wisdom.


Chapter – Hint Engine

Section – Calling the Hints

To say open up (L – a hint):
open up hints-window;
move focus to hints-window;
say “[first custom style]HINT: [second custom style][wisdom of L][roman type][run paragraph on]“;
move focus to main-window.

To say shut down hint:
shut down hints-window.

Section – Hints Cosmetics

the hints-window is a text-buffer g-window. The main-window spawns the hints-window. the position of the hints-window is g-placeabove. the scale method of the hints-window is g-fixed-size. the measurement of the hints-window is 3. the hints-window has back-colour g-terracotta.

Table of User Styles (continued)
style name    justification    obliquity    indentation    first-line indentation    boldness    fixed width    relative size    glulx color
special-style-1    center-justified    italic-obliquity    0    0    bold-weight    proportional-font    0    g-white
special-style-2    center-justified    italic-obliquity    0    0    regular-weight    proportional-font    0    g-white

Section – A Collection Of Hints

hint is a kind of thing. A hint has some text called wisdom. The wisdom of a hint is usually “Doing fine.”

look-hint is a hint. the wisdom is “Enter [']LOOK['] at any time to get a fresh description of your current location.”

  1. Looks good so far. Nice to see a change from the “generic” hint screens.

  2. Ron Newcomb says:

    Very attractive. Have you considered wrapping it up as a general extension?

    I’m recently unemployed too, and yeah, the blahs, they get there. I hope that the next build of Inform comes out soon. :)

    • leandro ribeiro says:

      I’m actually not hoping for the next build, since I’m betting it will beat my pile of code to a pulp :)

      Don’t know if it’s worth an extension, but I’ll only think about it when the game is finished. The plan is to release the source code along with the game. If interest comes up in pieces of it, why not?

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